About Daniel Kenitz

Daniel Kenitz is a freelance writer and the author of several published short stories, including the Pushcart Prize-nominated A Hand to the Plow (2022, Red Rock Review), Tickleneck (2022, Spotlong Review), The Cycle (2021, Evening Street Review), Seen (2020, Every Day Fiction), The Parent License (2020, The Virginia Normal), and Sunset 9037 (2013, Strangelet Magazine). His nonfiction freelance work has appeared in blogs like Skillshare (Here’s Exactly How to Start a Story), Atlassian (Empathy is the Antidote: Conflict resolution at work), and Big Cartel (Don’t Be Like da Vinci: The Pitfalls of Losing Your Focus). To the Wall Street Journal, he is an expert on apostrophes.

From winning the New Yorker Caption Contest to co-winning the D.A.R.E. Essay Contest in fifth grade, Kenitz loves words in almost every form. But long-form storytelling is his true ambition, which is why he’s hard at work on his debut novel, a thriller. He is represented by Ronald Gerber of Lowenstein Associates.

When not writing, Kenitz busies his southeastern Wisconsin life with Chicago Bears podcasts, playing piano, his freelance business, and, when he can get a clear, moonless night, finding Saturn in his Orion telescope.